Advantages of a Front and Rear Dash Cam

Why bother having a dash cam at the front and at the rear of your car?

Putting a front facing dash cam in your car is a great idea without a doubt, you’ll record anything on the road ahead and within the field of view. But what about whats going on behind you? There are often cases where you need to record idiotic behaviour to the rear of your vehicle, which you may not even be aware is taking place.

Take tailgating – the idiot behind is driving far too close, irrespective of the weather or road conditions. Laws are in place on the motorways which should act as a deterrent for this kind of lunacy, but you can’t rely on the police to be around when you need them due to the massive government cuts which have been made to the services. Instead, all you can do is record their driving and should anything happen like an accident, you will be perfectly placed to bang them to rights. And they deserve it – because they endanger lives and property with no concern whatsoever. Penalties for dangerous driving now include lengthy prison sentences for perpetrators. There is no disputing video evidence, but as is typical with the stupid mentality of the kind of people who drive like this, they will try and deny their wrongdoing. With the right front and rear dash cam equipment, you can catch them approaching from behind, and if they overtake you – the front cam will also video them as they cut you up, typically speeding and endangering the lives of drivers in oncoming traffic.

Stopping at lights – quite often accidents occur when you are stopped at traffic lights or a roundabout and someone comes up behind you and hits your car because they are not concentrating on the road. More and more these days people will lie to get away with what is actually their fault – normally so they don’t have to pay out on their insurance. A rear view video camera puts a halt on this nonsense. If your car is stationary and you get hit in the rear, the cam will show it. There is another twist to this as well. If the offending driver is on their mobile phone at the time of the accident, the camera will probably also catch this, and they can then be prosecuted for using their mobile when driving. So whereas a simple bump in the back is often just a case of insurance (so long as there are no injuries), if they are breaking the law you can get them find and points put on their license. Hopefully that will cause them to think twice before being dangerous on the road.

Idiotic driving can be captured with a front and rear dash cam.
Avoid a crash with a front and rear fitted dash cam system

The dash cams don’t have to be expensive!

Just because you fit two dash cams doesn’t mean that costs are going to be too expensive for you. In fact, you actually have a choice of various options when choosing what to buy.

You can either go for an all inclusive system package which typically contains a high specification front camera which is attached to a lower spec rear cam via a cable. If you prefer though, you can get two identical (or different for that matter) dash cams and fit them independently of each other. For the latter installation the rear camera will need its own power supply, whereas with a full kit, the rear cam will often be powered from the lead running from the front main camera. You need to ensure how each is powered as this will affect how you fit them, and even where exactly you will be able to fit them.

You may save a bit of money on a dual dash cam package as the rear camera could feed the memory card in the front camera – therefore saving the expense (but they are quite cheap these days) of an additional memory card which you would need if buying two separate units.

The view from the front

Finally, take care on the road!

Well, no matter what cam technology you decide to fit to your car, it will only help you to produce videos. It won’t help you recover if you’re injured – so take care when driving at all times and keep your eyes on the road!

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