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Did you know that many car insurers offer discounts if you have a car camera fitted to your vehicle? Let your insurance company know in order to negotiate a better deal, this can, in many cases, easily recover the cost of purchasing a camera. Whatever vehicle you drive, the benefits of installing a car dashboard camera (dash cam) are indisputable - read our helpful “how to choose a car camera” guide, we also have some at too!.

Read what people are saying is the best dash cam for 2016 here. Having a camera in view on your windscreen or dashboard causes the drivers of other cars to think twice before doing anything stupid, which could have put you in danger. Film abuse and road rage incidents and report the offenders to the police - they will be more than interested in seeing the footage.

Order your dash cam online today and it could be with you tomorrow depending on what time you place your order your dashboard’s waiting (well your windscreen actually!).

Tried and Tested Cameras

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Here at Car Camera Choices we supply just about every tried and tested in car camera system available on the UK market today. With new models being added constantly, you can be certain to find the camera you are looking for at a great price within our extensive car camera range.

By avoiding the cheap copies of reputable manufacturers car cameras which are flooding in from China and are available on competitor websites, we are able to offer a minimum 12 month warranty on all of our cameras and guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your purchase!

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Our company has been in the car camera business since 2011.

We are based in the UK (Manchester) and do not send our customers to overseas telephone call centers when help is required. We are a Paypal, Ebay and Amazon Verified Trader and operate to the highest standards of customer service and actual car camera product satisfaction. We use highly secure paypal services for payments - but you are not required to have an account - either with us or paypal to make a purchase. We NEVER EVER mither people with sales emails following a purchase, thus operate a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM POLICY.

We have never had a single complaint!

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